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25/08/14: The Green Boat Hornpipe film and soundtrack now released on You Tube! Have a looksee at the film above.

20/8/14 : Our latest recording The Green Boat Hornpipe (see music page) is a sound track to a short film (to be released shortly) about a Scottish herring boat (Marie BA211) in the demise of the fishing industry and her adventures and survival since she stopped fishing. We hope you enjoy it.

7/7/14 : The festival ceilidh at Petta Fiesta was a great success and a really fun gig. The dancers were fun and really up for it! Big up the dancers! The exciting news is that Phoebe Butler (concert recorder player), played with us and was a brilliant addition to the bands’ overall sound. She had such fun that she will be playing future ceilidhs with Aartwork.

Suffolk Ceilidh Band:

In addition to the pubs, clubs and festival gigs we are now taking bookings for ceilidhs for 2015 - so if you are looking for an upbeat band with a very danceable modern twist then please feel free to contact us (check out our ceilidh page -contact details on contact and links page).

We are based in Suffolk but more than happy to play ceilidhs further afield.

Aartwork Celtic Fusion Music