The Tot o’ Rum and The Barge Skipper Jigs - mixed by Andy Corrigan of Re-Production (Nov 2013)

Tunes Written by Aartwork (unless indicated otherwise) include:

Schoolhouse Jig

Slack Jig /The Butterfly Slip Jig (trad. Arr. Aartwork)

The Meat Queue Jig

The Wexford Wedding Jig /Rhubba Dhub Jig

Eillan Glas Jig

P & J’s Waltz

The Tot o’ Rum Jig /The Barge Skipper Jig

The Deben Bar Hornpipe /Butley Creek Ferry Polka

The Green Boat Hornpipe /The Blind Sailor Hornpipe

London to Brighton Jig (Brian Keane arr. Artwork) /Wednesday’s Reel

The Maids of Mitchelstown (trad. Arr. Artwork) /Wind Over Tide Reel

Olly’s Southern Ocean Rant

Ryan Water /The Walnut Tree Reel

Judgement Schottische (trad. Arr. Artwork)

Swazi Mama Mamba

Sleepy Maggie Reel (trad. Arr. Aartwork)

Over the Mountain / The Glasgow Shuttle

West of Shetland reel

Sleepy Maggie (trad. arr. Aartwork) - mixed by Kevin Pearce

Olly’s Southern  Ocean Rant from “First Draft” EP engineered by Kevin Pearce

Olly's Southern Ocean Rant.mp3 swedish_windovertide_aartwork.mp3 sleepymaggie.mp3
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Aartwork experimenting at The CRUX

with a Ben Osborne DJ remix of The

Barge Skipper Jig 9/3/13

Debut EP FIRST DRAFT Released November 2011 Price: £5.49


Aartwork Music Page - Listen and Purchase Aartwork’s “First Draft” EP

Swedish Tune (Swedish tune - not sure of origin) and Wind Over Tide - mixed by Jan Pulsford Music (Nov 2013)

Skipper Jig version 2.mp3

Acoustic Tot o’ Rum and Barge Skipper Jigs

Busking for Oxjam Colchester in June 2014

The Green Boat Hornpipe - short film track version - mixed by Jan Pulsford Music (Aug 2104). Featuring Kevin Scott on bass guitar.

The Green Boat Hornpipe - short film track version.mp3